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With the recent law implemented in Quebec regarding the use of cell phones while driving, I was interested in purchasing a bluetooth headset for my cell phone.

Effective April 1, 2008, use of a hand-held cell phone that does not have a “hands-free” function is prohibited while driving.

The law covers the use of your Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile devices as well - drivers who are holding a cell phone in their hand are presumed to be using it according to the SAAQ. So no email or SMS’s while you are driving either. And don’t think about using it a red light either - thats a no go as well.

So with all that on my mind I recently did some research and discovered probably the most interesting of all Bluetooth headsets by Iqua - its solar powered!. I might be wrong, so feel free to leave a comment with an even cooler Bluetooth headset that you find or already own.

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