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I haven’t walked up or down St. Laurent blvd. during the day in quite a while and because of this I’ve missed out on a few interesting ‘upgrades’ its received recently. Today however I noticed an interesting sign right above the parking sign. Issued by the Montreal Police this sign advised me that the area I was located in was under camera surveillance. Thankfully I had just parked my car or else I wouldn’t have had the slightest clue - the sign is really high up (approx 13 feet high).

surveillance montreal sign


Neatly tucked in the corner of a storefront was the ‘unobtrusive’ surveillance camera.

Maybe I was on vacation or maybe it was the lack of press or publicity targeting geeks like me, but I really had no idea these cameras were installed on St. Laurent. After further investigation I found out that The Main was not the only Montreal street to have cameras installed. St. Denis was also introduced to big brother back in 2004.

My thoughts on today’s experience are mixed, I feel both deceived and embarrassed. Deceived, because the sign announcing the presence of surveillance is intentionally inconspicuous. Embarrassed, since I was uninformed about this surveillance in the city I love.

Did you know about the surveillance on St. Laurent? What are your thoughts?

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