I was recently at my local Pharmaprix pharmacy picking up a prescription and I had the opportunity to be handed a pager by the pharmacist. Unknowing that wireless paging devices were now commonplace in my local Montreal Pharmaprix, I was intrigued by this and looked into it further.

Simply put, these pagers are handed to customers when they drop off their prescriptions at the counter. The customers are able to walk around the store with the assurance of being paged when their prescription are filled. Pretty convenient right? I thought so too.

pharmapage hand

While I was walking around waiting to be paged I managed to pick up some toothpaste, a magazine, shaving cream and a pack of gum. I didn’t really need any of those things at the moment but I purchased them anyways. I wonder now if I would have bought those items had I not been given a pager. The pager allowed me to leave the proximity of the prescription counter without having to worry about missing my name being called. Rather I was able to walk around comfortably, perusing the aisles for things to buy.

It seems as though that there are several companies competing in this paging system niche. QuietCall by HME Wireless is the model that this Pharmaprix was outfitted with.

Protect your customers’privacy and turn their waiting experience
into a pleasant one with QuietCall pharmacy paging system.
QuietCall silently notifies customers with a flash, beep or vibe the
instant their prescription is ready.

Hang on, there’s more.

QuietCall also helps you increase retail sales. Lightweight,
convenient pagers free customers to shop and spend more
during the wait.

Aha. I knew it!

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