hd blueWith the announcement of Warner going to Blu-Ray and the rumor that Paramount might do the same, what is going to happen to HD DVD is more uncertain then ever. Some speculate that we will see a divide appear, that HD DVD is going to be the format of choice for computers and Blu-Ray for entertainment, but in the end, the consumer is again paying the price.People were drawn in by the lower price of HD DVD players, the good choice of movies and big promises. But now, that 300$ machine might end up the way of the Beta Recorder. All of that because the governments can’t regulate a market the way it should be. Studios shouldn’t be allowed to adhere to a format unless they plan to support it for 5 years. And they should also be prevented from choosing a specific format. The government should impose duality in those cases or force a standard.Consumers should not be played with like puppets, no wonder piracy is increasing when studios behave like this. They really now deserve there failing profit margin.

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