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Apple announced a strong “push” towards companies to incorporate the iPhone into their enterprise environment, squarely putting the Blackberry in Apple’s sights. The new features that Apple describes for the iPhone include:

  • “Push” e-mail, calendar and contact management.
  • Microsoft Active Sync support.
  • More support for VPNs including IPsec.
  • More authentication, certificates and identities.
  • “Enterprise level” Wi-Fi with WPA2 and 802.1x support
  • Other tools to enforce security policies were also mentioned.

iphone enterprise activesync

IT managers will also be getting help from Apple to deploy iPhones, set them up automatically, and perhaps most importantly, remotely wipe the devices clean if need be.

Apple licensed the ActiveSync protocol (from Microsoft) and will enable iPhone support for Microsoft Exchange directly, a reportedly huge request from users.

Apple also “pointed out” that the method that many organizations use which is dependent on BlackBerry server communication is imperfect and that this has recently led to widespread outages. Meanwhile ActiveSync will enable the iPhone to communicate directly with Exchange servers and still use the same mail, calendar and contact applications that are built into the iPhone.

All those features will be coming with version 2.0 of the iPhone Firmware which is dated for sometime in June 2008. The iPhone Enterprise Beta Program has begun and IT departments can apply today.

iphone roadmap

How will Research in Motion react? We’ll see soon enough.


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