rock band logo video game Christmas never was as musical or interactive as this xmas was (actually I’m lying, last christmas was pretty awesome when I got my Wii) Nonetheless, this holiday season I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a very rare and sought after item among Montreal gaming and music enthusiasts - Rock Band! Acquired through a friend who works at a two letter gaming chain, (I’ll give you a hint, it starts with a vowel) I purchased the Rock Band Special Edition for the Xbox 360 for about $200. It happens to be the most expensive video game I’ve ever bought, but being the music lover that I am - I could not resist. I know, I know, $200 for a game - hell, for an extra 70 bucks you can buy a Wii. Well, to defend my purchase and the potential enjoyment that this game provides I’ll show you what’s inside the Rock Band box.

The Xbox 360 Special Edition version of Rock Band comes with:

A huge box…..


rock band video game xbox package






1. the game2. one wired guitar controller3. one wired microphone4. one drum set5. a pair of drumsticks of course

rock band video game xbox package rock band guitar controller







rock band wired microphonerock band video game drums







Talk about a lot of packaging , I’ll need to buy a huge gig bag to store everything in because I sure won’t be able to repack everything the way it was.

Ok. So what do I think about Rock Band?

Well I’m not sure yet, after all it is the holiday season and I will be busy with Rock Band family stuff most of the time. I will however be posting my thoughts later on this week after having test drove Rock Band through several jam sessions with friends who are members of several Montreal rock bands. Can’t wait! Stay tuned for the review.

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